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Album Cover The story of Creation

The story of how God made the world is retold here by master storyteller Michael Jones. With vivid sound effects, background music and five lively, new songs, the Genesis story is brought to life and is sure to enchant pre-school, infant and primary children.

Hear the amazing account of the start of our universe, how God decided to make us to be his friends and his first conversations with Adam and Eve.

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Creation CD
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Download a Lyric sheet for the five songs
Creation Lyrics
Creation Lyrics


Download Manuscript Music for the songs
Creation Scores
Creation Scores

Let there be light   (song) 2:08
Let there be light
Creation Story Part 1 5:32
Creation Story 1
For You and I   (song) 1:35
For You and I
Creation Story Part 2 2:47
Creation Story 2
Creation Flow   (song) 2:03
Creation Flow
In the Garden Part 1 5:35
In the Garden 1
The Guilty One   (song) 2:56
The Guilty One
In the Garden Part 2 4:15
In the Garden 2
The Monkey Chorus   (song) 7:24
The Monkey Chorus


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Outside Booklet
Inside Booklet
On Disc

Outside Booklet


Inside Booklet


On Disc





The Creation Sessions
The Monkey Chorus
Forbidden Fruit
The Monkey Chorus


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Music and Lyrics by Trevor Stevens

All music arranged and performed by Trevor Stevens

Engineered and produced by Karina Stevens

Storyteller: Michael Jones (www.talk4meaning.co.uk)

Principal Singers: Ryan Saunders, Richard Wenninger,
Esther McManus
, Ian McManus

Supporting Singers: Andrew Turner, Trevor Stevens,
Karina Stevens
, Barney Stevens, Reuben Stevens

Story adapted from Genesis Chapters 1-3 by Karina Stevens
© 2009 Fishy Music Productions

Recorded and mastered at Fishy Music Studios, Oxfordshire
under MCPS licence FMCD122

Artwork and Cover Design: ArtsAnAnds Creative Media

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